On-site training and feedback evaluation

Pagmat has been in close cooperation with Universities and experts from the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture since 1979 for well management of sultana raisins growing.

The company supports the improvement of the quality of growing standards by providing continuous information to the growers and carefully evaluating their feedback.

Annual pre-seasonal on-site training is provided by Pagmat’s contracted and own agronomists, as well as experts from Universities and the Government.

Agrochemicals management all year round

Pagmat’s agronomist regularly visits contracted growers’ vineyards from April to harvest and advises the best way to improve the quality of the crop, or prescribes a course of action to prevent against seasonal phytopathological risks.

Pagmat supports annual growers’ training programs for proper use of certified pesticides and herbicides as well as avoiding use of any agrochemicals even certified unless necessary due to seasonal reasons and have been prescribed by agronomists in close collaboration with Universities and the Government.

This agrochemical management ensures that Pagmat’s raw materials strictly comply with the Food Safety Act 1990 and subsequent legislations as well as various EU and intercontinental Regulations concerning contaminants, residues, food additives and treatment.

Quality improvement milestones

Affiliated with contracted growers and growing phases, Pagmat promotes raw material quality improvement for more than 30 years, supporting researches and contributing the latest tools and techniques to its growers.

Some milestones of quality improvement include:

  • The first use of drying mats in the region
  • The first use of winnowing machinery
  • The first use of plastic crates in the industry
  • The first free supply chain of certified herbicides and pesticides
  • Pheromone trap network around the growing area
  • Early warning and information billboard system around the vineyards
  • Seasonal leaflets with the latest viticultural information
  • Agrochemical and toxins management system