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Extreme quality Ready to Use and Extra Ready to Use sultanas
Sultana Raisins Hand Picking

Hand picking

Although being an optional process for Extra Quaity products, hand picking is the standard subroutine of Extreme Quality Ready to Use (RTU) and Extra Ready To Use (XRTU) production process.

Hand picking is made on static food grade tables according to the customer spec requirements.

Product lots can be hand picked up to 3 times depending onto the spec restrictions and/or semi-product quality level determined by quality lab.

Sultana Raisins Laser Scanner

Additional inspections

Extreme Quality RTU and XRTU products are passed through laser scanners, magnetic detectors and X-ray inspection once again after hand picking.

Sultana Raisins Quality Control

More frequent quality samples

RTU and XRTU Extreme Quality products’ quality control procedure is executed on a dense sampling basis.

Sampling rate for XRTU products are 4 times higher than the regular product sampling rates.