Pagmat, Food Safety Pagmat, Food Safety Pagmat, Food Safety
Complete food safety
BRC, British Retail Consortium


Pagmat complies with British Retail Consortium Food Safety standards.

Staff Hygiene Pagmat

Site and staff hygiene

In addition to its own quality management during growing period, Pagmat applies strict policies and rules for production site and staff.

Swab samples are taken and checked on a weekly basis from both working staff hands and food contact surfaces to verify microbiological safety.

Material Usage

Material usage

Pagmat applies strict rules for allergens, cutting devices wooden and plastic pallets and glass-hard plastics in compliance with BRC Food Safety Standards.

Only food grade hygiene chemicals are used for complete food safety.

The machinery and equipment, processing aids and all chemicals with probability of food contact are food grade. Yet, all chemicals are kept in segregated areas.