Quality assurance and control system
Sultanas Physical Examination

Physical Examination

Physical and organoleptic attributes of semi-finished and finished product samples are examined in physical station. Quality analysis of physical parameters include:

  • berry size and count,
  • capstems,
  • damaged berries
  • sugared, mouldy and immature berries
  • exogeneous material
  • organoleptic attributes
  • packaging attributes

Chemical Tests

The presence of Ochratoxin-A, a mycotoxin, is determined by High Performance Liquid Chromotography (HPLC) method in ochratoxin station.

Moisture content testing and oil application evaluations of each product lot are performed in chemical station.

Moisture content is tested with Dried Fruit Association (DFA) Moisture Tester and results are verified by oven method data sets.

Oil application levels of samples are evaluated by extraction method.

Petri Inoculation

Microbiological Tests

In the microbiological test station, microbiological parameters of samples assayed include:

  • Mould-Yeast,
  • Total Viable Count,
  • Coliform,
  • Escherichia coli,

Pagmat verifies its laboratory results with external accredited labs and FEPAS and FAPAS to meet international standards on laboratory techniques.

Whole assays, methods and applications comply with ISO 17025 standard with high precision z scores as 0,5.