Production process
Pagmat, Precleaning

Pre-cleaning and sizing

The proper party of raw sultanas meeting customer’s order in terms of size and color is fed to pre-cleaning line.

Stems and immature berries are aspirated on the first stage.

The berries are sized through sieve sets of 8, 9 and 10 mms or special mesh sizes upon request.

Pagmat, Washing Sultanas

Cascade washing and destoning

Raw material is pumped through water conveyors to dual-fed cascade washers, where water is only used once for washing and always microbiologically checked.

Berries are destoned during washing and fed to dual cap stemmers.

Pagmat, Oil Coating Sultanas

Oil coating

After dewatering, berries are oil-coated up to 1% with non-gmo, non-hydrogenated preheated plant oils; either with cotton seed oil or high oleic sun flower oil upon request.

Pagmat, Destemming

Re-sizing and secondary destemming

Raw product is resized through high capacity sieve sets and destemmed by aspirators. Immature berries are removed - therefore assuring maximum uniformity of the lot before further inspection phases.

Pagmat, Laser Inspection Sultanas

Laser sorting

3 dual-ray laser sorters inspect for remaining stones, stems and plastic particles as well as darker and yellower berries scanning color, size and structure of the product lot.

Pagmat, Metal Detection Sultanas

Metal detection

Hi-tech and well calibrated metal detectors ensure the product is metal-free by detecting all ferrous and non-ferrous metal contaminants. Calibration is carried out every 30 minutes.

Pagmat, Xray Sultanas

X-Ray inspection

Well calibrated X-ray machines inspect the product lot before packaging, double-checking the metal detection system and rejecting dense contaminants like stone and glass particles as well. Calibration is carried out every 30 minutes.

Pagmat, Packaging Sultanas


Sultana raisins are packaged in food safe plastic bags and put into cardboard cartons after weighing.

Cartons are inspected via a package metal detector before palletizing and being sent to Quality Control.

Pagmat, Hand Picking Sultanas

Hand picking

Hand picking is made on static food grade tables according to the customer spec requirements.

Product lots can be hand picked up to 3 times depending onto the spec restrictions and/or semi-product quality level determined by quality lab.

Hand picked lots are re-passed through laser, X-ray and metal detection system.

Pagmat, Retail Packaging

Retail packaging

With two different retail packaging lines, pillow or block bottom packaging is available upon request with a minimum order amount of 5 x 20’ or 3 x 40’ containers.

Both lines can fill 375, 500 and 1,000 gr packs up to 40 packs/minute