Sultana Production Plant, Pagmat Premium Sultanas, Pagmat
Company Profile

Situated in the premium growing region

Pagmat was founded in 1979 by two families from Manisa, one a premium grower and the other an experienced trader of sultana raisins and cotton.

The company, based in the heart of the primary sultana raisins and cotton growing region of the Aegean, controls every process involved with the production of sultana raisins and cotton.


Living stability, integrity and reliability

Controlling the complete growing and production processes provides the company with stable production, integral quality assurance and a reliable end product. A rare trilogy in agribusiness.

This tripod holds the core competency of Pagmat


Export-oriented production and trading

Pagmat’s processes and products fully comply with quality and safety standards of leading markets and market leaders of the world, making the company the trusted supplier of generic brands.

For over two decades, more than three quarters of the Pagmat sales are realized through global markets.