Culture & Values
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Whilst stability is a word not usually associated with agribusiness due to many natural variables such as soil, weather, climate, crop, plant disease, raw material housing etc. Pagmat’s whole business model is founded on stability, based upon the experience and innovation of three generations of growing and trading.

Stability is the key to Pagmat’s success in all relevant markets.

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Integrity is a vital factor in the foundation and growth of Pagmat. The company have strived to ensure that this culture is understood and conveyed to everyone.

The Pagmat work ethic ensures that all departments execute their responsibilities with the principle of integrity in mind.

The environmentally-conscious company runs the first and the largest waste water treatment facility of the region since 2002. Pagmat is already establishing and implementing stages and procedures of "Certification for Environmental Conformity" which have been projected to be completed at the end of 2012.

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Relying on fully controlled tough rings of own agribusiness model, the agronomy, growing, procurement, raw material housing, industrial processing, quality assurance and distribution phases, Pagmat is well known as the reliable partner in global markets.

This carefully managed brand value integrates with the values of leading food producers of the world.

As a reputable member of Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, Pagmat allows customers to access the information regarding company’s ethical rules of labor standards, health & safety, the environmental consciousness and business practices.